Our Purpose

Relationship 180 is a Christian, non-profit counseling and teaching ministry where we focus on helping people to improve their relationships. We teach people what they did not learn in their homes or within their churches. We believe that All things are possible, no matter how deep the hurt, or how rooted the issues are. Relationship 180’s counseling mission is to facilitate the renewal of broken relationships by blending biblical instruction and Attachment Core Pattern Therapy™, and by providing spiritual support and encouragement.

Our ministries are performed in the private setting of our counseling offices by applying healthy relational principles derived from research and Judeo Christian guidelines. Relationship 180 believes that revealing “core honesty and truth” in every conflict is essential for genuine catharsis, healing, and character transformation. Without it, there is façade, manipulation and continued despair. With “core honesty and truth”, God begins His great work of restoration. Relationship 180 is committed to the courage, discomfort and spiritual sensitivities that are necessary to steward wisely over truth from all involved in any relational conflict, large or small.

Relationship 180 offers workshops that strengthen the family and is also authorized by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and the American Psychological Association to provide teaching and continuing education units to counseling professionals.

What is Attachment Core Pattern Therapy™?

Attachment Core Pattern Therapy ™ is a framework for couples’ therapy that focuses on how the attachment styles of each spouse collide in marriage creating a problematic core pattern that blocks and hinders connection.

Attachment styles (“love styles” How We Love 2006) are the result of successful or unsuccessful bonding and attachment experiences in our family of origin. Positive experiences create a Secure Attachment, and less successful experiences result in wounded or insecure attachment styles of the Avoider, Pleaser, Vacillator, Controller and Victim.

When two of these problematic love styles collide in adult romantic relationship, couples are unwittingly re-creating a primary attachment relationship similar to their family of origin. Eventually, when the facades begin to disappear and conflict ensues, a core pattern of reactivity begins to form which becomes a repetitive fight or way of interacting that repeats over and over. These core patterns are unexplored, automatic, predictable and as far as the couple goes, involuntary. Interventions are targeted at helping each person see their part of the destructive dance and using a comfort circle to create a new successful pattern of relating.

We prefer to see couples together (not individually) as these reactive patterns are best observed when couples are interacting in our offices. Regulation is best learned within the primary attachment relationship where these attachment styles are triggered.