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Love Styles

Love Styles are the result of successful or unsuccessful bonding and attachment experiences in our family of origin. Positive experiences create a Secure Attachment and less successful experiences result in the wounded attachment styles of Avoider, Pleaser, Vacillator, Controller and Victim.

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Attachment Core Pattern Therapy™

Attachment Core Pattern Therapy™ is a framework for couples’ therapy that focuses on how the attachment styles of each spouse collide in marriage creating a problematic Core Pattern that blocks connection and hinders communication. Once you have identified you and your spouse’s Love Style, click on the Core Pattern button below to find out how your Love Styles interact.

Core Patterns

Soul Words

Do you have trouble identifying your feelings? Soul Words, or feeling words, aid in describing emotions. Take your relationship with your spouse, kids and friends to a deeper level by using this complete word-reference guide to expand on feelings.


Comfort Circle

The Comfort Circle is a tool to help couples communicate in a meaningful, intimate way. Every time you successfully complete the circle, you experience greater truth, security, and love.


Journaling Awareness Worksheet

This worksheet increases self-awareness by encouraging emotions to surface so that one can recognize, identify, and understand feelings without judging them as right and wrong, good or bad. Use this worksheet for journaling to deepen your awareness.

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How to Choose a Good Therapist

Choosing the right therapist to join you on your journey to healing is crucial. Milan and Kay discuss qualifications and questions to ask your potential therapist.

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Your Part in Therapy

Therapeutic progress is not the sole responsibility of the therapist, but rather the client also has a part in therapy. Milan and Kay address your part in getting the most out of counseling.

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