Everyone has life experiences that are painful, challenging, and confusing.  In those times we need comfort and counsel. We are a teaching and counseling ministry, dedicated to altering the course of broken relationships, first with God and then with others. From minor breakdowns to critical distress, we are committed to equipping individuals, married couples, pastors, and therapists with the knowledge and relational skills necessary to foster nurturing relationships.

Our desire is to come along side you and offer hope and healing through our counseling services. We have an exceptional team of clinicians to help you in the midst of any season of life, or trial you might be facing.. Let us join you in the healing process.

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At Relationship 180 we help you identify with one of five Love Styles that impair how you love. Once a couple understands each of their individual Love Styles, there is a clear explanation for their predictable dynamic, or core pattern, that causes the same problems to arise again and again. We then give you tools to end harmful patterns and create deeper intimacy in your marriage.

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Therapists Continuing Education

The California Board of Behavioral Sciences and the American Psychological Association authorizes Relationship 180 to provide training and continuing education units to counseling professionals. Training is provided to Marriage & Family Therapists (MFTs), Licensed Social Workers (LCSWs), Psychologists, interns and students.

Workshops are scheduled in various locations throughout the year. Click on the button below to find one near you.

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