Relationship180 is a Christian, non-profit counseling and teaching ministry where we focus on helping people to improve their relationships. We teach people what they did not learn in their homes or within their churches. We believe that all things are possible, no matter how deep the hurt, or how rooted the issue is.

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We believe that all things are possible, no matter how deep the hurt, or how rooted the issues are.

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Counseling, Workshops, and Continuing Therapist Training. We got it all here for you.

No matter what season of life, or trial you might be facing, let us join you in the healing process.

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We strive to help you turn your relationships in the right direction. Feel free to browse our free resources.

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Welcome to Relationship180!

Are you hurting? Do you feel unseen and misunderstood by those closest to you? Is your relationship stuck? Are you repeating the same old patterns in your marriage? Perhaps you are an individual who is struggling. Welcome to Relationship180, where we offer hope and help!

Our staff of highly qualified therapists has been working with individuals, engaged couples, married couples, and people in ministry for over 10 years. We specialize in “Attachment Core Pattern Therapy™” in the private setting of our counseling offices. We offer safe, professional and caring support.
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